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September 3, 2006
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The Aces of Ace Combat Sketch by Skunk-Works The Aces of Ace Combat Sketch by Skunk-Works
This is a quick sketch I did over the weekend. I plan to draw all of them individually on seperate paper later.

I haven't drawn guys all that much so I used a lot of references. Man it's kinda embarassing to not know how to draw my own gender.

Faces and Hair styles--How to Draw Manga: Male Characters
Poses--GQ Magazines

For those of you who you don't know these guys, they are the aces from Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero. They never showed what they looked like in the games except for the guy from Ace Combat 5. They still censored his face though. So, I just designed them depending on what people in the game say about them.

Let's introduce them shall we:

Codename: Cipher-Galm 1, nicknamed "The Demon Lord"
Plane: F-15C
Ace Style: Depends on Player---Most likely mercenary
Pose: Taken from a picture of Brad Pitt on the cover of a GQ magazine.
Service: The Belkan War (1995)
He's a mercenary pilot who works for the nation of Ustio and the leader of the 6th Air Division 66th Air Force Unit during the Belkan War of 1995. I make him have the longest hair because since he's a mercenary, nobody would care about his hair cut. He also looks tough and the most muscular of the three because he's a mercenary after all. He isn't wearing an officer uniform because of that reason as well. Rough tough and rugged, he has a serious look in his eyes because of what happened to him in the war. One of his most trusted wingman/best friend tries to kill him and his second wingman who was due to get married after his last mission was murdered in cold blood by his first wingman. This guy has been through a lot in a war that was completely grey.

Codename: Mobius 1, nicknamed "The Ribbon"
Plane: F-22A
Ace Style: Soldier
Pose: Taken from some dude in a suit inside a GQ magazine
Service: The Continental War/Operation Katina (2004-2005)
He's an ISAF pilot but not leader of the 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron. The 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron was made up of the best pilots from different fighter squadrons during the Continental War. Unfortunately, he was the only one who joined as a rookie. Originally a pilot from the ISAF navy but was transferred to the Air Force. That's why I made him wear a naval officer uniform. I'm making him blonde because I feel like it. He has a suave face because I felt like making it so. Nothing further is told about this guy except he has the ability to turn the tide of an entire war by himself without the help of a close wingman. A few months after the war, seeing that he alone can rival an entire ISAF squadron, was recalled to active duty to destroy the remnants of the Erusian Air Force who rebelled and wouldn't surrender. Unfortunately, with his skills, he can never bring peace to his home continent of Usea. Civil war and border disputes ravaged the continent for several years after the Continental War.

Codename: Blaze-Wardog/Razgriz 1, nicknamed "The Ghost of Razgriz"
Plane: F-14A/D
Ace Style: Soldier
Pose: Taken from some dude in a GQ magazine
Service: The Circum Pacific War (2010)
The squadron leader of the 108th Tactical Squadron or "Wardog Squadron" in the Osean Air Force. He commands three planes in his squadron. The squadron members are him, Kei Nagase, Hans Grimm, Alvin H. Davenport, and Marcus Snow, who replaces Davinport after he dies. I didn't need to infer to what he looks like from what people say about him because they actually show him in the game. Except for his face which was blocked by some dude's elbow. That I had to figure out what to make him look like. The way his squadron talks to him shows that he's a young and a very sociable person to be around. Therefore I made him have a happy go lucky kid type look. His haircut was shown in the game so I'm sticking with it. At first, him and his squadron was called the Demons of Razgriz by the enemy after a character from a made up fairy tale in the game. Later, after reportedly being KIA becuase of being called a traitor, he repaints his plane black and his squadron was renamed "The Ghosts of Razgriz" by the President of Osea. Him and his squadron saved the continent from the war and brought peace to the land. Even though he pilots an F-14, he still wears an Air Force officer uniform. He is still in the air force but after being shot down while running away to escape charges of treason, he was rescued by a crew from an air craft carrier. He was later forced to use carrier based jets.
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Scottman23 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is AWACS Thunderhead, Roger. Bring the target to the ground, Do not fire at the target I repeat do not fire at the target
spartan0706 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
hey I don't see talisman from ac6 at all
Skunk-Works Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, ace combat six hasn't come out yet when I made this.
spartan0706 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
will you do one that has him in it?
Skunk-Works Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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kyrocon Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
and yet you leave out the best ace of all, scarface 1! he even had a line! "scarface 1,BALL, guide me in."
SCARFACEPhoenix Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
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That's pretty good artwork and not to say adding three of ace combat's main charcters in it.Nice job.
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But when the Kestrel was sunk, he chose the FALKEN. ;)
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